A bit about me…

I am starting this blog May 23, 2013.
It will be quite a mish-mash, because as it says, I am a Jack of all trades and a Master of MOM. All of the mothers out there probably know what it means, but for those unaware of my (personally coined) term, … a mother is capable of doing a little bit of everything, or being a Jack of all trades. Master of MOM…well, in order to be a Master of Mom, you need to be a Jack of all trades.
“Mom, I need”, “Can you make?”, “Help me with”, “Can you find?”, “Can you fix?”, …the list goes for miles!, And my answer is always..”Yes I Can!”
Even if I don’t know how at first, I will read up, or just plain fabricate my own solution! ( I am rather partial to the latter, as that is usually my only option and what I am best at).
So please, enjoy watching this learning experience for me, and I hope other Master’s of MOM are inspired and helped by this blog.
I am a Gluten Free Vegan.
I have Fibromyalgia, and a list of nasties that come with the disease.
I am a stay-at-home mother of two daughters, Sarah and Emily (ages 16 and 12).
I have been rescued by 3 house cats (AngelCake – Sarah’s, Misty Skylace – Emily’s, and Poe’s Shadow is mine), and 8+ feral cats (Trap/Neuter/Release Colony).
I have a large tank full of fish that I care for, which belongs to my girls.
When I was younger, my job titles were; CNA (certified nurses assistant), Hotel and Restaurant Manager, Hazardous Materials Analyst, On-Site Lab Technician for Haz-Mat Demolition, and I was also a Model from 17 – 28 years old.
I am a fiber artist for recreation, but I will take commission for small projects when I am in good health.
I appreciate all types of music.
I enjoy fashion and beauty that are animal-eco-friendly.
I coupon like a mad woman!
There are loads of other things too, but this blog is mainly about what has been mentioned here.